Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mplay - Mplayer Console Frontend

I got a chance today to try Mplay a console based frontend for MPlayer written in Perl. Its good and supports lot of options. One thing that was interesting to me: "remembers the position within the track last played before quitting" which was one of the feature I was looking for. Nothing more to say right now, just enjoying the song through it :).

Monday, March 06, 2006

Working with Sablecc

After working with Antlr and Javacc I came across Sablecc which was described as
"an object-oriented framework that generates compilers (and interpreters) in the Java programming language".

I started with Etienne Gagnon's Master thesis which is quite well written. I was pretty convinced when I got my first program working with Sablecc. I decided to document the steps I followed which can serve as a tutorial to start working with Sablecc. Here is the link for my tutorial(pdf) and first application INIParser(zip)

Reference links:
Mistaeks I Hav Made
Sablecc Wiki

Resource links:
Sablecc downloads
Sablecc Home

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