Thursday, January 27, 2005

GreaseMonkey Plugin.

Hey, GreaseMonkey ( is really a cool extension to firefox. Using this you can customize the website you want, with your javascript.

For example:
On loading/reloading of the page ( you can write a simple javascript to set the desired user name in the login box and install the script using greace monkey. And when you load the you can see your java script in action.

It is quite simple to install the user java script.
(First get the grease monkey plugin installed).
1. Write a java script file having extension "user.js"
For example:
(function myOnLoad() {document.login_form.login.value="yahooId";})();
2. Open the file in the firefox.
3. Click Tools -> Install User Script
4. In the Dialog box, Edit the entry with "*" and type specifying that you are installing the javascript for page and press OK.
5. Open the page

You can see that 'YahooId' is displayed in Login

Thats so simple. Enjoying exploring other things. :)

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