Friday, April 08, 2005

greasemonkey - autodiscover site feed

FeedLink the greasemonkey plugin will enable the autodiscovery of site feeds and display them as anchor images. Here is the user script that you can use.
Following are the steps to install the user script:
  1. If you haven't installed greasemonkey Firefox extension. Then get it installed.
  2. Open this user script in Firefox.
  3. From "Tools" menu select "Install User Script..." and confirm all the prompt.
  4. To configure the script, select "Manage User Scripts..." from "Tools" menu.
  5. By default, User script is added for "*" (eg: and "http://**"(eg:http://someone/
You can get the zip file here that contains the user script and many more.When site feeds are discovered it will be displayed as anchor images: (I am showing only images here)

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