Wednesday, March 28, 2007

JavaProxy -- HTTP Proxy In Java

I decided to write this JavaProxy as I was looking for a proxy similar to CGIProxy implemented in Java.

After checking out HTMLParser library,
I got my implementation of JavaProxy working. Here is the download link.

Just copy the JavaProxy.war file into your Tomcat/webapps folder and you should be able to use it,
using http://localhost:8080/JavaProxy/

I have released it under Apache License 2.0, so make the best use of it.
Let me know if you liked it or found some use in your application.

I have got this project on google's Subversion Repository

[NOTE: Steps to import your project on
  1. To host your project on googlecode, signin for an account at

  2. Create a new project (myproject).

  3. Go to MyProfile (note down Username) and under Settings (note down Password).

  4. From your terminal type (assuming your are under project folder):
    svn import -m "Initial Import" . --username Username
    You will be prompted for Username and Password, enter the one you had notedown.
  5. Now your code is in subversion repository.

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