Thursday, July 02, 2009

Playing with Camtasia project file

I had created a video using Camtasia last night using screenshot and planned to upload in the morning.
Before turning off the system, I moved the images into another drive.

In the morning, I opened the .camproj (Camtasia project) file and to my surprise all the images in it gone missing :(

A dialog box was presented to search and point location for each image. I had almost 50+ images!

With curiosity I opened (Introduction.camproj) in text editor it was a simple XML file :)

The imported images were looking like:

To keep things simple, I copied (Introduction.camproj) to the folder where all screenshots were present under directory images/

Opened Introduction.camproj in gvim and triggered the following command


It reflected as:

Finally I got the video to the original state.

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