Sunday, July 10, 2005

Todo WebApplication

Working with VTL (Velocity Template Language) was interesting. I have designed a small web application called 'todo'. This will allow you to put up task todo and also it will allow you to delete the task that are completed. This application can also work without using velocity.

What are the features?You can get the complete source here. You can get only the war file here.
Brief README follows, you can see the complete README file in sourcezipfile.
  1. Put the todo.war file into Tomcat's webapp directory.
  2. Start tomcat. Tomcat will unpack the war file into the directory (todo).
  3. By default the web.xml file in todo/WEB-INF will use the servlets present in the package pra.code.todo.servlets.
  4. You can make the application to use the servlets present in the package pra.code.todo.velocity, by replacing the web.xml with velocity.web.xml under the name web.xml.
  5. You may have to restart Tomcat.

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