Thursday, June 07, 2007

MXML Autocomplete In Eclipse

I got autocompletion working while editing mxml file in eclipse, here are the few simple steps to follow:

1. First look if you have mxml2.xsd file in the flex installation directory. If you don't have
then get it here.

[NOTE: If you don't have webtools for eclipse, you will have to install it, follow the method suggested in Step 1 in the link
for your eclipse version.]

2. Window -> Preferences -> Web And XML -> XML Catalog
Add User Specified Entries
Key Type: Namespace Name (Its autofilled)
Key : (Its autofilled)

3. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Association
Add File Types: *.mxml (Click on Add next to listed file preferences and add it)
Associate Editor: XML Editor (Click on Add under Associate editors and select it)

4. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Content Types
Under Text Edit -> XML, Add *.mxml

You should get drop down list if you do: <mx: type CTRL+SPACE within
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="">


You can install the Web Tools Platform a bit easier using the update url from inside Eclipse:

Ignore the J2EE stuff, and you'll have eerything you need.
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