Friday, July 31, 2009

Apache 2.0 with PHP 5.3.0 on Windows

It took me sometime today to get my Apache 2.0 to run with PHP 5.3.0.

The builds for windows is available at

Download the VC6 x86 Build of PHP 5.3.0 build and unzip.

NOTE: VC9 x86 Build of PHP 5.3.0 build might not work with Apache 2.0 !!

You will need to make the following changes in your httpd.conf
LoadModule php5_module "c:/path_to_your/5.3.0/php5apache2.dll"
PhpIniDir "c:/path_to_your/5.3.0"
ScriptAlias /php/ "c:/path_to_your/5.3.0"

Thanks for the help.

Before this I read a lot of things that went beyond of context.
(registry files, environmental variables, inexisting files, etc).

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